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"Better-than-Agency" Conversion Copywriting 

From Conversion Copy Co. 

Working with international clients, I help businesses like yours grow through conversion copywriting. 

With conversion-centric copywriting you can:

•    Clearly connect to your target customers' needs;
•    Shorten your sales cycle, because you'll spend less time selling;
•    Create more customer satisfaction, advocacy and generate more repeat customers.

Sound good? Let's convert your prospects into customers, and your customers into raving fans.


When You Need the Expertise of an Agency, Without the Overhead

Fresh out of an MA in Communications, I put my writing to the test at Canada’s top PR agency. Between cocktail parties and elaborate pitches, I learned that I could write great copy…and that clients don't often get value from agencies.

Today, I help clients who want better-than-agency results with an emphasis on conversion. 

When you work with me, you get the expertise of a senior conversion copywriter at an agency, with full transparency on pricing and authorship.

Conversion Copy Co. is the smart alternative to agency copywriting.

Are You My Ideal Client?

My best clients get that good copy isn’t just creative and SEO-optimized; it’s also unrepentantly focused on conversion. 

Together, we sweat out the insights that take copy from ‘nice to read’ to absolutely magnetic for the right audience.

We’re probably a good fit if you:

  • Get excited about competitively positioning your brand

  • Are willing to invest time in a copywriting brief

  • Believe that knowing your customer is the key to good copy

  • Use data to find out what’s really working

Does that sound like you?

Rather Get to Know Me First?

Anna Bolton Conversion Copywriter

In the era of doing business online, it's nice to know who you're dealing with.

Here's me: After ten years in PR and management consulting, I took a leap in 2014 and became a freelance conversion copywriter. The purpose: more freedom! In 2015, I took my business to the Sunshine Coast, Australia and have never looked back.

Today things look a little less exotic: I work from the outskirts of Toronto, right here at my beloved standing desk. The excitement comes from watching my amazing clients grow their businesses with conversion copywriting.

In the category of Things No One Wonders, I like 19th century lit and long walks in urban places. 

I have a graduate degree (that aforementioned MA in Comms) and I'm a certified Project Management Professional. Without ever touching a Gantt chart, I make it my business to get clients' projects done on time, on budget and to scope.

And now it's your turn. If you'd like to introduce yourself, click the button and call or drop me a line. 


Confident, professional and inviting, Anna combines her depth of experience and knowledge with an approach that will steer you in a direction you wouldn’t have considered, with a delivery you couldn’t have conceived, and to outcomes you would have never achieved on your own.
— Jamie Bruno, Director of Human Resources, North York General Hospital

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