Content and Copywriting Packages Now Available

Looking for value? Packages are here!

Looking for value? Packages are here!

The best client-copywriter relationship is a long-term one. There's a steep early learning curve during which the copywriter learns everything about your business that I've captured in this copywriting brief, and more; they need to learn not only your business, but your competitors' businesses and your customers.

If it sounds like a crazy business model, it kind of is. 

How to Get More Value 

This getting-to-know-you phase can be accelerated if the copywriter specializes in your field. Some copywriters focus on a specific vertical, such as digital marketers, real estate, creatives, not-for-profits, startups or health professionals. Serving only one type of client is very efficient...But specialist copywriters aren't obligated to pass on the savings, nor should they. 

I'm a generalist. Right now, I'm writing for two widely different manufacturers, a solo-preneur, a data analytics consultancy, a supplement company, a fashion brand and a charity. 

I offer clients more value by selling my services at a higher volume. The first 1,000 words take as long as the next 2,000, so it makes sense to slightly discount each additional increment of work. That's why I've created a copywriting packages page. It's a sample of the services I offer, illustrating how the cost per word goes down as the number of words go up. Check it out and let me know what you think.

The package principle applies to any type of copywriting project you may have in mind. So, get in touch if you're looking for something not listed there. I'm currently booked until March 20, 2017, after which I'm happy to start new projects.

Why High Volume is Win-Win

If you're considering another copywriter and are squirming at their rates, here's my advice: ask for volume pricing. Haggling on a small project is lose-lose, but committing to a larger volume of work at a slightly lower rate is a win for you both.

You may be wondering, 'What if I commit and their writing doesn't work for me?' This is a real concern, and I get it. You should vet your prospective writer thoroughly. Check samples of their work and testimonials before you even reach out. Treat the early conversations like an interview. If you choose your copywriter based on quality and not solely on price, chances are they're good enough.

And the truth is, it takes some time to tell if the copywriting is working, regardless.

Copy for websites, email marketing, blog content, Adwords, etc. can be published overnight, but analysis takes longer. And it's not easy to isolate the variables. Is it the headlines, or your bidding strategy? Is it the call to action, or your offer? Only expert A/B testers can really know. But if you switch writers often, you'll never have enough data to evaluate. 

So, start thinking about your copywriting projects as longer-term investments. Take advantage of volume pricing and enjoy the win-win scenario.

Anna O'Byrne