Animated and Whiteboard Videos Are Now Available

Are They Right for Your Products and Services?

Animated video works for a wide range of businesses. Is it right for your content marketing?

Animated video works for a wide range of businesses. Is it right for your content marketing?

You may have noticed on my homepage a fun, new video explaining why Captivate Content is the right choice for copywriting. I had that video made by Jeff of Branding by Video. I wrote the script and he did the animation.

Shortly after, a copywriting client of mine in the US, Rainer, was looking at whiteboard video shops. He had a quote from a company for USD $4,000, and he'd apparently talked them down from $7,000!

When I mentioned that Jeff could do not only whiteboard but animation style, and at <25% of the cost, Rainer was in.

Since I was already doing the copywriting for Rainer's website, I offered to write the script as well. That's when my collaboration with Branding by Video began. 

Today, I have a sales page up and we're fully in the business of producing videos. 

Here's What I Love About Copywriting Videos

Writing video scripts is highly satisfying for a few reasons:

  • Videos are high-impact. My words get more attention in video than on a static page.
  • They're fast to produce, often taking less than a week. That means quick results for my clients.
  • Clients are so happy when they get their video. It really brings their message to life and, truly, it's impossible not to smile when you see one of Jeff's animated videos. Like this video we created for a telemedicine practice in Florida.

Do You Need a Promo or an Explainer Video?

Animated video can be used as pure promotion or to educate prospects, students or staff.

Animated video can be used as pure promotion or to educate prospects, students or staff.

Promo or marketing videos are a fun, engaging way to introduce people to your business. You can quickly create that invaluable 'likeability' and concisely get across your key messages...because you'll have your prospects riveted.

Most businesses could use a promo or marketing video, but some also need explainer videos.

If you're spending time educating your customers and want to more efficiently generate leads and customers, an explainer video may be for you. That's because most people would rather learn about a product or service by watching a video.

I am typically not one of those people. I prefer to read...but these videos are an exception. The combination of professional voiceover with text on screen and fast-moving, fun animation absolutely captures my attention. 

If you're like me, and you find you can't watch more than 10-seconds of a talking head, you really should check out our work

Animated Video is Easier to Make Compelling

Save time, money &amp; headache when you choose animated video.

Save time, money & headache when you choose animated video.

Live-action video can be a hard miss. That's because good live-action requires pro videography and expert editing to keep the scenes fast-paced and interesting.

Animated and whiteboard videos are inherently dynamic. The scenes shift in a matter of seconds, and within each scene the text, characters and objects are in motion. 

An animated or whiteboard video can be produced for CAD $650 in 5 days, whereas a live-action video of that length should cost at least $1,000 (just for the videography and editing ...and it doesn't stop there.

For live-action, you need to:

  • scout a location
  • often source telegenic models or actors
  • have good lighting and sound
  • acquire props
  • hire hair and makeup professionals

With live-action video, there are multiple takes of each scene. And if you don't get it right on video day, your investment is lost.

It's almost not fair that animation is so much easier and less expensive. 

Is Animated or Whiteboard Video Right for Your Brand?

Let's get a little analytical here.

Let's get a little analytical here.

Consider Your Style Guide

I feel very strongly about having consistent design across marketing collateral. That's why it's so helpful to have a style guide that sets out the palette, font, logo usage rules and even photography style for your brand.

If cartoons aren't part of your style guide, can you still use animated video? 

Designers may disagree, but I think most brands can use animated video even if their brand style is some contexts. (Hint: social media.)

When Animation May Clash

The answer isn't straightforward if your product or service is highly-visual, for example:

  • food & drink
  • clothing & accessories
  • furniture & home design
  • travel destinations
  • most luxury goods & services

These are just to name a few.

Offerings like these are best represented by realistic images that tantalize the viewer. 

When Animation is Perfect

Animation and whiteboard effects are intentionally synthetic-looking. They fit well with products and services that aren't always visual.

For example, if you sell a software product or a service that involves sitting at computers and in meetings, chances are it's hard to get really good-looking video.

Or, if you have a process that's quite private, like a medical or bodywork practice (massage, acupuncture, etc.), sometimes it's just easier to use animation.

Here are other products and services that can be better rendered with animation than with realistic videography:

  • Dentistry
  • Chiropractic
  • Naturopathy
  • Osteopathy
  • Other medical practices
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical work
  • Excavations
  • Roofing
  • Installation & repair services
  • Shipping & delivery services
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting and other professional services
  • Printing
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • And more! 

Using Animation Sometimes

Animation can work even for visual industries, like real estate.

Animation can work even for visual industries, like real estate.

Businesses can opt to use a combination of realistic visuals with animation or whiteboard.

For example, if you have a real estate or construction business, you should be displaying real "after" images of beautiful homes. But you can use animated video for other purposes, including:

  • Introducing yourself and your team
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Explaining your processes

You can also keep the look of your brand pure on your website while experimenting with animated and whiteboard videos on social media.

People expect to see more casual, lighthearted content on social media. In fact, they demand it.

That Style Guide Again

Animated video is very customizable. We can use your palette, create characters that look like you, and even import custom fonts. 

For example, when Jeff made my video, I gave him my preferred colours and he created a look that fits well with my site, even though animation isn't part of my website design. 

So, before you take the leap into animated video you should think through your brand 'look'. We always ask clients for this information upfront because we want their animated video to look on-brand. 

But Will People Take Me Seriously If I Use Animated Video?

So, you have a serious business?

So, you have a serious business?

The answer to this goes back to social media. Today, your customers are accustomed to fast-paced, entertaining content. Even many 'serious' businesses can make their content more fun with animated or whiteboard videos.

The tone of a video is set by the script, voiceover, and the animator's skill. You can deliver serious, professional content using animated or whiteboard video if you get these right.

I'd also note that whiteboard is inherently more 'serious'. That's because people are used to whiteboards in a business context. While I wouldn't necessarily recommend an animated video for a funeral home, or for every law firm, whiteboard video could be entirely appropriate. 

There's another style called "kinetic text", which Branding by Video can also deliver. It's like the whiteboard style, but the text is colourful and dynamic. Combined with professional voiceover and music, kinetic text videos can be amazing. I'll post an example when we have one!

Questions About Animated, Whiteboard or Kinetic Text Videos?

Get in touch and let me know if you have any questions or reservations about using these videos for your business.

Jeff and I are offering amazing quality at unbeatable prices right now, so it's a good time to act!

Anna O'Byrne