Get More Online Leads and Sales - From Your In-Person Presentations


In this tutorial, I’m teaching a step-by-step method you can use to maximize the ROI on your in-person presentations. You’ll learn how to publish your presentation as a multi-media blog post in a fraction of the time it would take to write an article.

Why Repurpose Your Presentations as Digital Content?

As a conversion copywriter, my marketing is almost 100% digital. I rarely network in person, though I’d love to. It’s just not possible to run my business and invest the time it takes to market the traditional way.

Digital marketing is simply much more efficient. We can attract the right leads, at the right stage of awareness - leads who have intent, and are closer to making a buying decision.

But when you’re asked to speak it sounds like such a great idea!

6 hours into designing slides, you might start wondering, “How is this going to pay off?”

Never Invest in Single-Use Content

It’s fun to interact with real humans, face-to-face; it’s a bit of an ego lift, but it’s also an opportunity cost.

I spent ~15 hours in total to deliver a presentation yesterday to an audience of 60.

In that time, I could write a well-researched, SEO-optimized blog post; 30 marketing emails; an entire long-form sales page… you get the idea.

So, how can we make that time invested in a presentation pay off… even if no one in the audience is ready to buy?

In addition to what I’ll show you here, you can:

  • Scout other speaking opportunities

  • Pitch your talk to podcasts

  • Write an SEO-optimized blog post on the topic

  • Create a sales page

  • Host a webinar

These are all great options for getting greater reach. Today, however, I’ll be demonstrating a method that takes under an hour - and for me, generated a post of about 3,000 words.

Just click play on the video tutorial!

(From the sudden spikes in volume, you can tell I pitch back and forth while talking. But this is all about creating content in a lean way, so I cut myself off recording retakes.)

And of course, you can repurpose your screencast as social media content. How fun is efficiency?

In closing, I leave you with…

All the Tools to Maximize the ROI on Your In-Person Presentations

Here are your links to the 3 tools I reference:

  • - free version to create presentation slides

  • Loom - free to create screencasts with audio recordings

  • - high-quality audio transcripts for $1/minute