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“I was writing my own copy for a course launch sales page but needed a conversion copywriter’s perspective. I hired Anna as a consultant. In just a handful of hours, she showed me how to optimize the copy for persuasion in ways that would have never occurred to me otherwise. Our pre-launch was a huge success and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Conversion Copy Co. if you need help with your sales copy.”

— Doron Orenstein,

Conversion Copy Co.’s

Skip-the-Line Copy Audit

The Fastest Way to Boost Conversions with the Copy You Already Have

Your copy is written…but is it driving enough leads and sales?

Does your copy pull people in? Does it win their trust? Do your pages and emails convince perfect customers that you have what they need, now?

If not, you’re not alone. Most marketing messages aren’t as persuasive as they should be.

But hiring a certified conversion copywriter to rewrite your site is expensive. And sometimes, your timelines are too tight.

Dial-up Your Selling-Power - Without a Total Rewrite

When you need more leads and sales, faster, choose a Copy Audit. In just five business days, you’ll get recommendations for revamping the copy you already have.

Find out the key changes you can make right away to transform underperforming copy into more compelling, persuasive sales messaging.

Clients love that the Copy Audit comes at an affordable flat rate. You know exactly what you’ll pay.

You’ll also enjoy a quick, defined turnaround time. While website rewrites can go on for months, your Copy Audit is delivered in just one week.

It’s the small investment that can 10x the power of your existing copy.

What’s Included in Your Copy Audit

For the top 5 most critical pages on your site, or up to 10 emails, you’ll get:

  • Incisive feedback on what’s working, what’s not, and why

  • Explicit advice on the most significant copy changes that can boost leads and sales

  • Rewrites of high-impact copy: page headlines, cross-headers (sub-headlines), calls-to-action and button copy

  • Clear, actionable advice on how to optimize body copy

  • Bonus: conversion-focused recommendations for optimizing layout, design and navigation

The Copy Audit is packaged to be actioned with no confusion. You’ll get an easy-to-reference, simple-to-follow report including screenshots as visual aids.

Consider it Your Hands-Free Messaging Revamp

You’re a busy marketer. That’s why the Copy Audit is designed to make the best use of your time. After a quick call and a simple transaction, you’re on your way to more leads and sales.

The Copy Audit is simple and seamless, so you can get that review within one week.

Here’s what to expect:

  • We’ll have a quick chat on the phone to talk about the 5 pages or up to 10 emails you want audited

  • You’ll pay a flat rate $997 fee for the full review and recommendations

  • Any questions along the way will be concise and focused, so we can move things along

  • When I’ve audited your copy, you’ll receive your report by email within one week

  • You’ll also get a link to book our one-hour debrief meeting during which we walk through the report

Yes, You’re Also Going to Learn Copywriting Sales Secrets

It takes years to learn copywriting. But I’ll show you immediately-applicable principles that go way beyond theory.

Your marketers and writers will take away upgraded expertise on how to write messages that sell. Because you get to peer behind the curtain, the Copy Audit is like free training.

It’s the Lowest Cost Way to Work with Conversion Copy Co.

The Copy Audit lets you get in the door and start making more sales, for less. You pay a flat-rate fee of $997 for an audit of 5 pages or 10 emails.

Have more pages? Fewer? The flat rate is $199/page.

I always recommend that clients go for the full conversion copy process, where we dive into data to find the messages that convert. But not every business is ready for that. It takes weeks and research starts at $1,000 before we even write.

The Copy Audit lets you get a taste for what we can do using persuasive techniques alone. You’ll want to know, next, how many more sales we can generate with copy engineered to convert.

Why Choose a Copy Audit from Conversion Copy Co?

You have your pick of content writers, SEO writers, branding writers. I’m a conversion copywriter. That means I write with one goal in mind: driving more revenue.

When you choose this Copy Audit, you get all the expertise hard-earned from my years of studying persuasion psychology. You get insights from my work driving conversions across dozens of industries.

It’s the next best thing to hiring me for full-blown conversion copy.

Skip the Wait List, Save Money

I’m booked with major projects a month in advance, but with a Copy Audit, I can help you faster, for less.

Consider the savings. If I were to write these pages from scratch, it would cost 3-5x what you’ll invest for nearly-instant improvements.

Yes, you could hire a low-cost editor. You might get error-free content, but you wouldn’t get copy that lifts sign-ups and sales. Only an experienced conversion copywriter can do that.

Thank yourself a week from now.

Thank yourself when the guesswork is over.

Thank yourself again when those numbers lift and you know you got it all for just $997.

Just like my client in Alberta, Canada, who saw a 42.86% increase in course sales one week after launching the page I revamped. It took just a few days, but they stand to make a healthy extra six-figures this year from the changes.

Take it From These Conversion Pros

“Neovora markets digital products and productized services to local businesses across the US. Anna worked with us to create and optimize all the copy in our funnels, from ads and lead magnets to sales pages, webinars and email marketing. She knows a lot about the art and science of online marketing and it came through in every piece of copy she wrote. Anna was able to hone in on what makes our clients buy and use those insights to create copy that was highly persuasive, but natural. She’s also fast, professional and comes through on deadlines. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Anna if you need to sell more online.”

— JR East,

“It’s rare to find a copywriter who is both results and customer-driven. Anna is a dedicated, passionate, smart and talented writer. If you want your website to speak to your customers and convert them you should hire her yesterday.

— Talia Wolf, Uplift

But Is It Guaranteed?

Copy does the heavy lifting when it comes to sales, but conversions aren’t won with copy alone. Your traffic, your reputation, your website quality, your product-market fit - they all play big roles.

That’s why I can’t guarantee outcomes from your Copy Audit.

I can guarantee you’ll get your money back under one rare circumstance. If I can’t find at least 10 ways to optimize your copy, based on proven techniques, I’ll issue a refund right away.

But I’ve never been asked for a refund. Most clients discover they needed to change more than they knew, and once they get a taste for the power of persuasive copy, they want to keep going.

So what if you need more help after the audit?

If you hire me for a complete rewrite of the 5 pages included in the review, I’ll credit the full cost of the review ($997) towards the new project. You can check out standard rates here.

Get Started with Your Copy Audit Now

There’s no faster, easier, lower cost way to work with a Conversion Copy Co.

And you’re going to love every step of the way - especially when those notifications of more subscribers and more sales start rolling in.

It begins when you book a 30-minute consultation.