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Conversion Copywriting Portfolio 

Optimizing PPC, Websites, Sales Pages and Email Marketing

Thanks for dropping by to check out my work. 

I'm proud of my results, and I'd like to help you grow with conversion copywriting, too.

Here are some recent results my clients have enjoyed.

  • A sales page I wrote for Copyhackers helped earn 6-figures in mini course launch over < 2 weeks

  • When I recently re-wrote an online course landing page as a long-form sales page, the client immediately saw a 42.86% lift in course sale revenues, with no increased ad spend

  • The Google Adwords account I created is ranked among the top, best-performing advertisers in the client's market.

  • My Facebook brand-building campaigns have cost as little as $0.01/click.

  • I’ve built a mailing list by 3k subscribers in just a few weeks with one sales page; in one day, I grew the list by ~2k and had to divert traffic to keep up with delivery of the physical lead magnet.

  • When I send out an email to said mailing list, sales jump by a minimum of 500% within 24 hours.

  • One recent sales email I wrote generated $75k in sales in one day.

  • My main e-commerce client has grown online sales by 500 – 600% since I took the lead on their digital marketing.

SEO isn’t my specialty, and I only write non-sales content for special clients, but I have to call out these results:

  • After I wrote 99% of the content for a company, they grew their traffic on a new domain to >120k visitors/month, ~80% of which is organic traffic - and this is in Canada, where our population is tiny!

  • One week after writing this heavily-researched, 5k-word Ultimate Guide post, it rose to page 1 of Google with no back-link or promotion campaign

Read on to see some of my work. To review full-size or ask questions, drop me a line

You can also view my past work in print copywriting, the classic form of direct response.

Pay-Per-Click Ad Copywriting

Google Adwords

Part of my consulting involves managing a client's Google Adwords account. After setting up the campaigns, writing the landing pages and ad copy, their account is consistently ranked in the top 10% of advertisers based on cost-per-click, click-through-rates and other measures of performance. I'm getting click-through-rates of 9% even on competitor campaigns (i.e. where the ads are targeting competitor brand names and search terms).

Social Media Advertising

I've written paid social ads for a number of clients, including on behalf of a US-based patient lead gen specialist who grows clientele for audiologists, dentists and other professional health services. The industry standard lead cost for audiology is about $350. With our ads, it's roughly $50 and many of our clients are seeing more than a 10x ROI.

FB Ads Copywriting.jpg
Facebook Ad Copy Sample

Website and Landing Page Conversion Copywriting  

Content Marketers/Online Training Industry

Copyhackers - famous for conversion copywriting training - hired me to write the sales page for the launch of 10x Facebook Ads. This online course is one of their flagship digital marketing training courses. I followed the Copyhackers 10x Sales Pages framework to write this 9,000-word beast and drew on 262 survey responses (an 87.1% completion rate).

Will report back on conversions when the launch closes!

10x Facebook Ads Sales Page

I’ve worked on the positioning, conversion research and copywriting for several online training sites for a leading North American online training company.

To write the website copy for several of this company’s websites, I drew on the best of conversion copywriting theory, including Copyhacker-style data analysis plus Uplift’s emotional targeting strategies. We had a lot of fun creating net new sales funnels, too, (a la Digital Marketer) including tripwires, core offers and profit maximizers.

I’m under NDA for these projects, but talk to me about the strategies we used!

Business to Consumer E-Commerce Brands

I manage all content for two e-commerce/retail natural health brands: and  This includes writing static pages, product descriptions and writing or editing blog posts.

Since 2017, I've written the product descriptions and headline copy for arzu, a cult luxury fashion scarf brand out of Kuala Lumpur. I sometimes write their Instagram captions, too - they have a very impressive following!

Also in the luxury fashion space, I helped launch the new brand, Shaye. Edgy and youthful, Shaye needed a strong voice for their headline and product description copywriting. Check it out!


In the vein of B2C, I also worked with a luxury cosmetic skincare brand, NexDerm cosmeceuticals. The copywriting needed to be both technically sound and compelling for the non-scientific reader. A very fun challenge! We're currently in the process of finalizing the beautiful website, designed by Joel Paynel.

Shifting gears from luxury fashion and cosmetics, I've worked with the excellent digital marketing team at Diamond Art Club - an e-commerce brand in the crafting/hobby space. The objective for this project (which included landing pages as well as blog posts, email and ad copy) was to differentiate the offering from more established brands in the space. I love the no-holds-barred copywriting approach to showing why a brand is different and better.

Business to Consumer Professional Services

One of my favourite projects has been for Precision Tax Relief in Idaho. Aside from the pleasure of working with an amazing client, I loved refining the company's brand and positioning in a competitive market.

We kicked off the project with an audit of their existing content and competitors. I used the Uplift Conversion Optimization process to identify the emotional triggers that would be most persuasive. These were easy to find because Precision has hundreds of glowing, emotive customer reviews from which to draw. 

The result is a website that feels personal, trustworthy and speaks directly to the deep motivations of customers. The new design and copy convey a promise of simplicity and peace of mind, both of which are highly attractive to troubled taxpayers. It also reflects the authentic caring and high level of competence with which this team delivers services.  

financial services website copywriting

B2B Manufacturing and Industrial

Working with Ragold Concepts Enhanced, I wrote this website showcasing their consulting services for food and nutritional brands launching in the US. The design and development is the work of Windy City Sites.

Ragold Concepts Enhanced

In a related niche, I also wrote the SternMaid America website. This Chicago based company is an arm of one of the world’s most successful food manufacturing companies. 

B2B Professional Services

In the vein of services, my work can be found on the website of Perceptive Analytics, a data analytics consulting firm. 

data analytics copywriting

I've also truly enjoyed running a "copy audit" for the excellent people at TRUPOINT Partners, who provide services and software to financial institutions across the US. I love applying an analytical lens and coming up with ways to optimize existing copy.

TRUPOINT Homepage.jpg

I'm also working with Neovora, a digital marketing company serving small businesses across the US. The copywriting style we've adopted is direct response, sales copy. You'll find my work on some of their web pages, including those for new lead gen and customer retention services. I'm also deeply immersed in writing collateral for their automated funnels - including lead magnets, video scripts and email marketing sequences.

B2B copywriting direct response.png


It's my goal to always provide pro bono services to at least one charitable organization. On request, I work with Autism in Mind (AIM), a charity out of Markham, Ontario.

Lead Magnets

This lead magnet I wrote for Rachel McMichael comes with a funny background story. When it went live, some time had passed. I saw the headline and forgetting I had written it, instantly clicked to download... because who isn't motivated by fear of loss? In other words, I fell for my own click bait.

lead magnet copywriting headline

Here's a lead magnet I wrote for Neovora's Touchpoint 80/20 client retention service. Ask me for the pdf ebook to review.

B2B marketing lead magnet copywriting

Sales Pages, Opt-In Pages and Pre-Sales Pages

Slightly distinct from most website content are sales pages, landing pages and pre-sales pages. These specialty pages tend to be long-form and written to drive targeted traffic to a high-value action.

Sales pages are loved by course creators because on one distraction-free page, you can take a visitor from problem-aware to most-aware - granted, with a whole lotta copy.

Here’s a partial screenshot of a sales page I wrote for Rachel McMichael, for her Facebook Ads online training course. Check out the training program sales page live here.

Rachel McMichael Copywriter Facebook Sales Page

Below is an opt-in (lead gen) pag I wrote for Natural Calm Canada that generated over 3,000 leads in the first month. In fact, the opt-in rate was so high, we had to turn off all paid advertising, just to fulfill demand.

Sales page copywriting

Sales page copywriting

SPM Instruments manufactures industrial instruments and software. They required a paid traffic landing page and a series of emails targeting B2B leads. Here's a snapshot of what I wrote. The complete copy is available on request.


After helping thousands in-clinic with cognitive behavioral therapy (via hypnotherapy), Rochelle L. Cook has made her program available virtually. In this classic direct response sales page, we roll out the big outcomes, benefits, features, time-limited offer and proofs.

Online Program Sales Page Copywriting

Pre-sell pages can be used to attract leads with valuable content and transition to sales copy in a single page. Here's one I wrote for an Israeli skincare brand.

Presell page copywriting

Email Conversion Copywriting

I write conversion copy and A/B test results for clients in e-commerce.

For Natural Calm Canada, my click-through rates are 427% higher than the industry average.

In terms of revenue, in the first month I ran email marketing for Natural Calm, with just two campaigns, online sales increased 364% month over month. When I doubled the campaigns in a subsequent month, online sales increased 584% over the month with just two campaigns.

Adding email marketing, with no other changes in advertising, increased online sales by 1,992% in just 3 months. And the number of emails to each list per month is no more than two. That's right, with just two emails to each list per month, sales have increased by almost 2,000%.

For another e-commerce client, I generated $70k in sales from a single promotional email.

email marketing fashion example

Sales Video Copywriting

Video can dramatically increase conversion rates, with the right script. This section of the portfolio is under construction - because I haven't caught up with posting the sales video scripts I've written!

Print Copywriting

Although most of my copy is for digital marketing, I still get asked to do print projects. You can see samples of my print work here. The latest, below, is a event banner with a tagline capturing our best stab at a Big Idea for the charity, Thrive.

Big Idea in Copywriting