Upstream No More


You may have noticed changes around the website between the last blog post and the current. The url, the branding, and the services have changed, and here's why:

Upstream Meetings was focused on services for strategic planning and remote teams. Over time, though, the gap between my online presence and my business reality widened.

In 2014 I went back to my communications roots and took on client work in marketing. It started with print copywriting, social media and content marketing, and expanded to broader digital marketing, including strategy development, paid traffic, e-commerce set-up and more.

I knew I needed to change my online presence to profile my marketing work and make public my full range of services. 

The old blog posts will remain, including all of the interviews with remote team leaders. You'll also still be able to find The Complete Toolkit for Strategic Planning with Remote Teams on the Lucid Meetings website, here.

Take a browse around the website and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your feedback on the service positioning, and any tips on site improvement. And for the record, I'd appreciate your referrals. 

All the Best, 

Anna O'Byrne