Branded Video Production: A Natural Health CPG Brand's First Foray Into Video


The case for video as part of your marketing is now a given; it's unquestionable. Video:

  • Increases time on page
  • Gets better organic engagement on social media
  • Yields higher ROI on social ads 
  • Increases conversions/sales on your website

In some cases, video yields a > 100% lift in sales! It's definitely a no-brainer, then, that brands should add video to their marketing collateral. But creating great video isn't easy. You need:

  • To decide on the goal of your video;
  • Be clear on the audience;
  • Know the platforms on which you'll disseminate the video, and be clear on the standards for those platforms;
  • Have access to a videographer or some great amateur talent;
  • Find a set; 
  • Choose spokespersons or models (in most cases);
  • Be able to carry out your vision to completion.

As part of my work for SuperLeaf Moringa, I oversaw the production of three short videos. Here they are:

Fun, aren't they?

I'd like to share what was involved for those of you who have yet to try branded video.

Setting Strategy and Objectives

First: the purpose. For SuperLeaf Moringa, there's a lot of work to be done in raising awareness. Moringa is like chia before chia was famous. If you'd heard of chia in those days, you probably weren't sure how to use it, why, and whether chia was something people like you should care about. 

Our videos aim to answer those questions.

The 'who's it for' question is answered here by the lifestyle cues: there's a vibrant-looking young woman, and in two of the three videos she's clearly on the go. She has yoga, she has work, but she still cares about getting enough nutrition.

The graphic overlays aim to quickly convey why SuperLeaf Moringa is worth her while: 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 18 amino acids.

The 'how', of course, is the focus of the action here. We demonstrate how easy it is to get all of that nutrition in under 20 seconds.


I was connected to Rohann of via one of my colleagues. He's a videographer out of Toronto with experience on other youthful brands.

In this case, Rohann was the complete package for implementation. He did the creative strategy (taking the objectives and vision, and translating into storyboards); he sourced the model and makeup artist; he did the shooting and editing. Having all of this from one contract makes it a lot easier. Plus, Rohann threw in some product and lifestyle photography to make the most of our day at the set.

In terms of timelines:

  • We scheduled the shoot within about 2 weeks of our first conversation
  • The shoot ran from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (which included time for photos)
  • After the shoot, we had about two rounds of revisions, but nothing major because Rohann's work was polished from the very first version
  • The final videos were ready within about six weeks of my initial conversation with Rohann 

Costs included:

  • fees for Rohann, the model, the makeup artist;
  • travel expenses and lunch for the shoot day; 
  • royalties for the music; and
  • gifts for the owners of the home we used as the set

All in, we spent about $2,000 on the video production, not including my time. 

Getting Views

As soon as the videos were finalized, I set to work placing them on owned and social channels. Here's what I did:

  • Uploaded the videos to the SuperLeaf Moringa YouTube channel with custom headlines and comments
  • Created YouTube ads through the Google Adwords platform 
  • Set up a new video page on the SuperLeaf e-commerce site and set the videos to feed onto the homepage (Shopify is quite simple, but I will need a bit of custom coding from a developer to get these looking exactly how I want them on the homepage)
  • Created video ads that will run on Facebook and Instagram targeting Canadians within the demographic and with the appropriate interests 
  • Scheduled the videos to appear as page posts on the SuperLeaf Facebook page, targeting the existing fans (these become part of the video library for this page and have ongoing views)
  • Scheduled the videos to go out on Twitter

Here's an example of one of the ads as it appears on Facebook for mobile:



We now need to wait a few days to see how the ads are performing. I can say that within less than a day, the videos combined have about 1,500 views at an average cost of $0.3 per view.

(Postscript: One week later, the three videos have a combined YouTube viewership of approximately 7,500, at a rate of $0.04 per view.)

It's worth noting that these are not hard-selling ads, but rather top-of-the-sales-funnel type ads, to raise awareness of the product and brand and draw traffic to the site.

Because we have re-targeting in place, once a visitor has shown an initial interest in the brand by clicking the call-to-action, we can continue to show them SuperLeaf ads and bring that casual visitor closer to a purchase.

If you need help on a video project or another type of digital project, I'd be happy to discuss. Drop me a line on my contact page to get the conversation started.

Anna O'Byrne