Digital Content Marketing Portfolio 

Generating Leads with Content

Pre-Sales Page

A pre-sales page blends content marketing with sales copywriting. Here's a long form pre-sales page I wrote for an Israeli natural skincare brand. 

Presell page copywriting

PR Content Marketing

Media articles today are invariably published in print and digital formats. To check out my publications, visit my print portfolio.

Email Content Marketing

Today, I specialize in conversion sales copywriting for email. However, most companies need a combination of email content marketing and conversion copywriting. Visit my conversion copywriting portfolio to learn more about my experience with email marketing.

Social Media Content 

I have a background in content marketing for social media. Today, I manage other social media experts and provide advice on social media strategy.  

Blog Content Writing

I no longer offer blog writing to new customers, because I focus now on conversion copywriting.

Blog content can dramatically increase traffic, however, and is an important long-term strategy for business growth.

Many of my blog posts are ranked among the top results for competitive industry keywords - even keywords related to competitors. You can find many of my blog posts on the Natural Calm Canada website and for Natural Calm on other sites, like the blog and

I've also written 3,000+ word SEO optimized blog posts on topics such as parking solutions and parking systems for Parking BOXX, a Halton-area manufacturer. 

Find my posts for Lucid Meetings (virtual meeting SaaS) herehere, here - and across the Lucid Meetings website. These posts are part of a package of content that included a guide and templates, offered as lead magnets. This niche B2B content yields Lucid Meetings significant traffic, social engagement, authority and SEO advantages.

Video Content Marketing

Video script copywriting can lean towards content marketing or conversion copywriting. I've done both. Today, I focus on sales copy for video.

In the past, I scripted professionally-produced training, content marketing and advertorial videos...and performed in the same on occasion. That's me, below, in the royal blue top listening attentively to Marnie Wasserman. You can check out the videos for which I'm responsible here, on the SuperLeaf Moringa YouTube channel.