Contract with Captivate Content Inc.

If you're looking to kick off a content marketing or copywriting project, we need to capture our agreement. For very small projects, an email agreement may do, but for larger projects we'll need to tick off all the boxes. 

I created this web form to make it easy for you to get a project started. You should fill it out after we've had an initial discussion and agreed to the project basics, like cost and timelines. Please also review my Copywriting Brief (I'll need answers to those questions, in writing or verbally) and my Service Terms and Conditions

By completing this form, you're consenting to my Terms and Conditions and giving me the information I need to invoice you for the project deposit. Paying the project deposit is, in effect, signing-off on our contract.

If you prefer a signed copy, I'm happy to provide one. Just contact me directly. Otherwise, please complete the form and I'll be in touch with next steps.

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First and Last Name
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Project Deadline
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For the record, please indicate the rate we've agreed on through our discussions.
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You can find a copywriting brief here:
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If so, I'll invoice you (usually 50% of the estimated total project cost) and we can get started.
That's it! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them here.