My Copywriting Process

My complete copywriting service includes delving deep into your business to understand your brand voice, unique selling proposition, industry and audience. I then take a systematic approach to drafting and review, to polish your copy to a publication-perfect state.

Want to better understand how this process works? After we contract, these are the key steps to getting your fresh, persuasive copy published.




You get things started by providing a Copywriting Brief, verbally or in writing. I then evaluate your competitors’ offerings and USPs, to look for ways in which your messaging can stand out. To really understand your customer's triggers, I spend time in the places they hang out online and listen to what they say about products or services like yours. 

Before I write, I debrief you on what I've learned and what I think it means for your copy. 


Drafting the Copy

Next, we agree on an outline for the copy or the proposed structure. 

For multi-page projects, I provide you with a draft page or section of copy to check for tone, style and language. That's your opportunity to provide early feedback.

I then draft your complete content and you provide feedback. Usually clients are eager to get things finished and one to two rounds of revision suffice. 


finalizing the copy small.jpg

Finalizing the Copy

When I provide your final copy, it's formatted with the designer's ease in mind. I indicate which headers are H1, H2, and H3. If desired, I can also lay your copy out on your website.

I want your content to be perfect, so I proofread the copy in its pre-publication format, typically on a dev site or a hidden page. For print copy, I review the designer's proof.

When the fully-proofed copy is published, the project is complete. If you need post-publication tweaks, just ask. Within reason, it's part of the package.