Find Out With a Copywriting Audit 

Pick from 3 Conversion-Focused Packages

Your website copy is one of your best sales tools, but is it working? As business owners, we're often too close to our products and services to tell whether our website copy is really persuasive. 

Don't waste money on clicks that bounce. Find out where your website copy needs improvement with a website copywriting audit. Choose between three tiers of auditing, with a partial done-for-you rewrite option. 

We thought we were communicating clearly, but now we know exactly what needs to change on our website. Anna’s copy audit was invaluable.
— Dale Bolton, International Director, Organics 4 Orphans
The Mini Website Copy Audit

With The Mini Audit you get an action-oriented PDF report with my top 5 high-impact suggestions for your website copy. I'll review your headlines, key body copy, calls-to-action and button copy, dialling in on the most significant changes that can transform your website into a selling machine.

This is not your English teacher's grading. We'll assume grammar and spelling are in order, and I'll focus strictly on the principles of persuasive writing.

The Mini Audit includes a debrief by phone, and the option to upgrade to a Total Audit.

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The Total Website Copy Audit

With The Total Audit, get a full review of your static pages and a summary review of your blog content. My value-packed, page-by-page PDF report will include a thorough assessment of what's working and what needs improvement, from headlines to body copy, buttons and forms.

The Total Audit includes a debrief by phone and the option to upgrade to an Audit PLUS.

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The Website Copy Audit PLUS

Get everything described in The Total Audit, above, plus some done-for-you rewriting of key copy, such as headlines, sub-headlines and calls-to-action. While this is not a complete website rewrite (I couldn't offer one for this price), it's a big step towards boosting the persuasion power of your site.

The Audit PLUS includes a phone debrief and consultation on your new, improved copy.

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Why Take It From Me

I'm a professional conversion copywriter, and I know what needs to be on a page to persuade. My portfolio includes multi-million dollar national and international brands. I've studied under Talia Wolf of Uplift and Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers, two of the most respected conversion optimizers in digital marketing today.


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