Outsource Your Voice of Customer Copywriting Research 

So you can ‘swipe’ copy that converts with confidence

Copy that converts comes from research. Voice-of-Customer (VoC) research, specifically.

In fact, the world’s most renowned copywriters say they don’t “write”. They swipe copy from customers. Because to sell, you need to enter into the conversations already happening in your prospects’ minds.

But finding those conversations? Finding that intel that makes it possible to write ‘mind-reading’ copy?

It entails running surveys, interviews and message mining, all of which is time-consuming for copywriters and the businesses that hire us.

Now you can outsource your VoC research to Conversion Copy Co - and shortcut your path to copy that converts.

Choose Your Voice of Customer Research Packages

What VoC copy research services do you need to find the messages that sell? It depends.

The gold standard in research is to pull from multiple sources: surveys, interviews and ethically eavesdropping online.

But you might only need one or two of these services - so best to ask for my advice in a free consultation.

For estimating purposes, here’s what you can expect to spend when you contract with Conversion Copy Co.


Don’t guess. Ask your customers and your not-yet-customers what triggers their purchasing decisions so your copy can drive more conversions.

Knowing what questions to ask is the first step. Let us develop your custom survey and interview questions based on the proven techniques of conversion copywriting.

  • Creating custom survey questions: US $200 per audience

  • Creating custom interview questions: US $200 per audience


Once you have your questions, how are you going to get them answered by your audience? We can make it easier for you to get a higher response rate and more of that golden insight!

  • Setting up one survey in software like Typeform (up to 20 questions with branching logic); writing one survey invite email and two follow-up/reminder emails: US $500

  • Identifying good interview candidates to interview; sending interview invite emails; organizing interview times: US $500


You know what makes your brand look super pro? Having a professional interviewer talk to your audience on your behalf. You can outsource interviewing to Conversion Copy Co.

  • Conducting a single interview and providing a script (which is $1/minute): US $150 for an hour or US $75 for a half-hour interview


Your audience isn’t buying in a vacuum, of course. They have options. Know what your competitors are saying so your messages can stand out.

We’ll break down your competitors’ messaging into the key components and identify gaps that could be opportunities.

  • Analyzing the messaging of 3 key competitors to find the ways your brand can stand out: US $1,000


Chances are, the messages that sell are already out there for the taking in the places your customers talk informally, online. You just need to know where to look and what to look for.

Let Conversion Copy Co. find those “sticky” messages for you.

  • To source messages from forums, reviews, blog comments: flat rate of US $800.


If you’ve run surveys and interview and done your VoC mining, what’s next? You have a lot of data to analyze.

Structuring this data for insight is a specialty. We can take the insights gathered from research and tell you what they mean for your messaging.

  • Organizing data mining, survey and/or interview VoC into themes useful for copywriting; highlighting especially ‘sticky’ or ‘swipe-able’ messages; developing a summary of the themes and a hypothesis of what will convert: $1,200

Contact me for a more detailed estimate of what it will take to find research-based copy that converts for your audience.

Why Outsource Your VoC Research to Conversion Copy Co?

As a professional conversion copywriter, I know how to find the messages that sell in VoC research.

My portfolio includes multi-million dollar national and international brands. I've studied under Talia Wolf of Uplift and Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers (also a client), two of the most respected conversion optimizers in digital marketing today.

Before I was a copywriter, I ran interviews, surveys and facilitated focus groups on the regular as a senior management consultant. Which is to say, your customers and your audience are in good hands. We run research like total pros around here.


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