Brand Messaging That Drives Growth

Get your brand’s “Conversion Copy DNA”
– your core set of brand messages, optimized to convert

Key question for marketers:
how persuasive is your brand messaging?

Is your value prop irresistible to ideal buyers?

Does everyone immediately get the benefits of your offer?

Are you driving home that value with the right proofs, stories and promises?

If you’re Procter & Gamble, we’re confident: you’ve got this.
But most companies aren’t sure where to start with brand messaging…



Here’s how to tell if you  
need a brand messaging overhaul

You have product-market fit. The right marketing tactics…

But it costs too much to get sales. And lesser brands are luring over your customers. 

You’re never quite sure what your copy should say, so your team ends up guessing each time. If you just nailed down key pieces of brand copy once, you wouldn’t be rewriting every. single. time.

Brands can — and should — be conversion-optimized, too

After years of writing copy for outstanding brands
and for brands struggling to line up their message with their audience…
We discovered this:

Brands that win hearts, minds and conversions are engineered around audience insight.
It’s what’s behind the world’s most profitable brands.

That’s why we develop brand messaging based on conversion copywriting methods.




Here’s how our brand messaging process works

Phase 1: Brand Messaging Research

Here’s where we find out what really matters to your ideal buyers — and where your competitors are failing them. 

Phase 2: Brand Messaging Strategy

Based on what we’ve learned, we come up with the “clearly different and better” brand messaging sweet spot your brand can own.

Phase 3: Brand Message Development

Next, we build out every brand message that communicates your unique difference.

We call it your ‘Conversion Copy DNA’ because it’s the core of who you are.

It’s the most persuasive articulation of the problems you solve; who you’re for; why you’re different and better; how you prove it, and more.

Your DNA starts with a set of customer-facing brand messages.

Get brand messaging you’ll use again and again across every single marketing asset 

These include…

  • Target audience
  • Problem you solve
  • Your solution
  • Unique value proposition
  • Core offers
  • Outcomes, benefits, features
  • Brand promise
  • Brand story
  • Proofs
  • Risk reversals and closer copy
  • Tagline
  • Elevator pitch

It also includes internal brand concepts and messaging guidelines, including:

  • Positioning
  • Big Idea
  • Tone, voice and vocabulary

Download a complete guide to these messages

Why trust us with your brand messaging?

Since 2014, we’ve served ~100 brands across industries, creating brand messaging for B2C e-commerce brands, course creators, B2B services and more.

Copy chief, Anna Bolton, has studied conversion copywriting with the best and been hired by Copyhackers to write 6-figure sales copy.

We’ve also worked intensively with the original conversion optimizers, MECLABS on creating value propositions that convert.

And for clients, we’ve helped win huge lifts, including a $20M investment for a tech company that simply needed to clarify their brand message in their pitch deck.

Your Conversion Copy DNA comes as a guide to writing on-brand conversion copy every time.

And it’s pluripotent. You can use your DNA to write every single marketing asset you produce. When you have it, it’s 10x easier to plug high-converting copy into all the right places.

Ready to talk about optimizing your brand messaging to convert?

Great, we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Quick Points:

For most brands, this is a three-phase process that takes ~60 days. 

You’ll get the best results with our brand messaging service when you’re already established, selling and looking to grow. 


All good? Let’s chat

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