Get Brand Messaging that Converts

Define the core set of messages that will not only differentiate your brand, but sell more products

Key question for e-commerce brands:
how persuasive is your brand messaging?

Is your value prop irresistible to ideal buyers?

Are you driving home that value with the right proofs, stories, and promises?

The world’s most successful consumer brands have formulas for creating high-converting brand messaging.

But most independent brands struggle to define messaging that differentiates and converts…

Here’s how to tell if you need 
to overhaul your DTC brand messaging 

You have product-market fit. The right marketing tactics…

But it costs too much to get sales. And lesser brands are luring over your customers. 

You’re never quite sure what your copy should say, so your team ends up guessing each time. If you just nailed down key pieces of brand copy once, you wouldn’t be rewriting every. single. time.

Brands can — and should — be conversion-optimized, too

After years of writing copy for outstanding brands
and for brands struggling to line up their message with their audience…

We discovered this:

Brands that win hearts, minds, and conversions are engineered around insight.
It’s what’s behind the world’s most profitable brands.

So, we took the data-driven method of conversion copywriting…

Paired it with techniques for radical differentiation. And applied the method to brand messaging.




Here’s how our brand messaging process works:

Phase 1: Brand Messaging Research

Here’s where we find out what really matters to your ideal buyers from VoC research — and where your competitors are failing them. 

Phase 2: Brand Messaging Strategy

Based on what we’ve learned, we come up with the “clearly different and better” brand messaging sweet spot your brand can own.

Phase 3: Brand Message Development

Next, we create your brand message guide – what we call your ‘Conversion Copy DNA’,  source code for writing all of your brand copy.  

Phase 1: Brand Messaging Research

Here’s where we find out what really matters to your ideal buyers — and where your competitors are failing them. 

Phase 2: Brand Messaging Strategy

Based on what we’ve learned, we come up with the “clearly different and better” brand messaging sweet spot your brand can own.

Phase 3: Brand Message Development

Next, we build out every brand message that communicates your unique difference.

We call it your ‘Conversion Copy DNA’ because it’s the core of who you are. It’s the most persuasive articulation of the problems you solve; who you’re for; why you’re different and better; how you prove it, and more. Your DNA starts with a set of customer-facing brand messages.

Get brand messaging you’ll use again and again across every single e-commerce marketing asset 

These include…

  • Marketing persona
  • Problem you solve
  • Your solution
  • Unique value proposition
  • Core offers
  • Outcomes, benefits, features
  • Brand promise
  • Brand story
  • Proofs
  • Risk reversals and closer copy
  • Tagline
  • Elevator pitch

It also includes internal brand concepts and messaging guidelines, including:

  • Positioning
  • Big Idea
  • Tone, voice and vocabulary

Get your guide to brand messaging

Why trust us with your e-commerce brand’s messaging?

Since 2014, we’ve served ~100 brands across industries, but our sweet spot is in working with premium B2C e-commerce brands.

Copy chief, Anna Bolton, has studied conversion copywriting with the best and been hired by Copyhackers to write 6-figure sales copy. We’ve worked intensively on value proposition design with the original conversion optimizers, MECLABS, and studied radical differentiation with CXL

For clients, we’ve helped win huge lifts, including a $20M investment for a tech company that simply needed to clarify their brand message in their pitch deck. Imagine what we can do for your e-commerce brand?

Your brand messaging comes as a guide to writing on-brand conversion copy every time.

Use it to write every single marketing asset you produce. When you have it, it’s 10x easier to plug high-converting copy into all the right places.

Sold? A few more things to know on optimizing your brand messaging to convert:

Quick Points:

For most brands, this is a three-phase process that takes ~60 days. 

You’ll get the best results when you’re committed to deep differentiation. If you’re ready to turn your back on the crowded and low-margin space of the mass market…

Grab the next opening to work together. 




Brand Messaging FAQs

Our brand messaging service is for DTC e-commerce. It's ideal if you're creating a new brand, or if you need to revamp your messaging to boost conversions. We're especially interested in products that are premium, sustainable, and clearly differentiated.

You’ll get a guide to the 12+ key messages every brand needs to convert leads to buyers.

In other words, a hierarchy of customer-facing messages that we call your brand’s “Copy DNA”.

You’ll also get instructions on how and when to use these brand messages, including guidelines for your creative team, so everyone can work from the playbook.

Ask for your brand messaging guide in a Google doc, slide deck or designed PDF.

We can also train your team in using these key elements of brand copy across your sales funnels.

Ask for pricing based on your needs.

Absolutely. You don’t need to repeat the brand messages verbatim in each piece of copy.

The point is to keep your copy aligned with the messages that sell your “different and better” positioning.

The brand messaging gives you guardrails, including voice, tone and vocabulary guidelines.

Guardrails help you come across as consistent. But you have plenty of scope to be creative while reinforcing your brand message.

There are three big elements in the research process.

1) Reviewing your data

We want to see where, why and when people are engaging, buying, and dropping out of your sales funnels.

2) Auditing your competitors’ messaging

Our aim? To find where there’s space for you to position your brand as ideal for your perfect buyer.

3) Tapping into your ideal buyer’s psychology

Specifically: What do they say about you, your competitors, what they really want and how they make buying decisions.

We’ll meet throughout the process, tell you what we discover through research and what it means for your messaging.

Before we draft the messaging, we'll check-in to agree on the direction.

Your brand messaging has to align with your vision for the company, so yes, it's a collaborative process.

Generally, developing your brand messaging takes about 60 days. If we conduct interviews and need to line up time with your customers, it can take longer.

Because it’s a research-based process, there are no real shortcuts.

Optimizing your brand messages to convert means digging deep into your buyer’s psychology.

It means understanding how your brand is positioned in the market — and how you should be positioned to sell more. We'd love for it to be faster, but we'd rather it helps you get more conversions.

Since this isn’t an off-the-shelf service, we do need to scope it out in a call.

You might have a fairly simple product or service in a market with few competitors.

Or, your offer might be highly-complex and your market crowded.

For most brands, expect a five-figure investment. Please download the Decision Maker's Guide for current pricing guidance.

You probably already have a good sense of whether your brand messages are strong.

When people talk about your brand, are they excited about how you’re different and better?

Is your market share growing?

If you said “yes”, you probably have a strong brand message.

If your ideal customers aren’t clear on why they should choose you; if your growth is slow… it might be a brand messaging problem.

Sometimes the issues lie with pricing, positioning or product.

The research phase of brand messaging will often reveal issues beyond brand messaging.

And while we can’t fix pricing or product, we can make recommendations and write brand messaging that positions you strategically.

That’s a question we can dig into in a free consultation.

If your brand messaging needs to be strengthened, it makes sense to do that first, then write the copy.

Sometimes we want to test the messaging with a campaign before we finalize your brand messaging guide.

In those cases, we’d do a bit of both brand messaging and conversion copywriting.

Not always, but it helps.

To write high-converting copy, we have to figure out these brand messages anyway. By making your brand messaging explicit, we all get on the same page.

And you can reuse these messages across copy assets. They're your IP.

Yes. Some of our clients need a sounding board for ideas they’re developing in-house.

We can provide guidance on where to find high-converting messages, how to refine and test those messages. Book a quick intro call to discuss, or lock in a VIP Day.

Book a free consultation and we’ll give you our best advice. If brand messaging is the next best step for you, we’ll provide a custom quote and timelines.

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Questions on pricing, process
& how we can work together?

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