Conversion Copywriting

There’s a story behind that claim. But wait for it.

First, know that Conversion Copy Co. is for e-commerce marketers who invest in copy like it’s their online sales force. It’s for teams that know messaging can move their most important metrics.

But beneath the WHAT, there’s a WHY.

We’re on a mission to drive growth for B2C brands that balance profit with purpose.

Your B2C products are cleaner, safer, and more equitably made…

But selling superior products isn’t always easy. 

The challenge is to persuade customers that you’re not only the smart choice (a match for their selfish needs). You’re also the right choice (a match for their values). So you can overcome buying objections (like a higher price), make more sales, and create more raving fan customers.

That’s what Conversion Copy Co does for brands just like yours.


High-Converting Brand Messaging, Conversion Copywriting & Funnel Strategy

Other agencies include your copy as an afterthought. And it’s no wonder it doesn’t convert.

We’re single-mindedly focused on brand messaging and high-converting copy for every stage of your sales funnels.

So your ads, pages, and emails generate sustainable growth.

Behind that Big, Bold Claim?

Anna Bolton-About-Feature

Here’s the background story. Conversion Copy Co. was founded by me, Anna Bolton.

Fresh out of an MA in Communications, I put my writing to the test at Canada’s top PR agency.
Between cocktail parties and elaborate pitches, I learned that I could write great copy for clients like Walmart and Amazon. (Dying a little inside, yes).

And I also learned that the ROI was shady, at best. Because impressions are just vanity metrics.

Discovering conversion copywriting in 2014 was my ah-ha moment. It was the missing link between messaging and measurable growth.

Today, my clients get the done-for-you experience of an agency with better than agency conversions. And I get to help clients I can feel proud of.

Conversion Copywriting Fueled By
“Bloody Dedication

It’s what our Aussie CRO client said when we offered a strategy session at 10 pm on a Sunday night. (Because time zones.) Yes, we have boundaries, but for great clients, we’ll go to great lengths.

That means digging deeper in the data for that “this is it” conversion insight. It means relentless critical thinking. It sometimes means absurd hours spent to deliver a sharper, smarter, stickier piece of copywriting because you deserve no less.

“Confident, professional and inviting, Anna combines her depth of experience and knowledge with an approach that will steer you in a direction you wouldn’t have considered, with a delivery you couldn’t have conceived, and to outcomes you would have never achieved on your own.

— Jamie Bruno, Director of Human Resources, North York General Hospital


Conversion Copywriting Certified


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& how we can work together?

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