Get More Conversions, Faster with a VIP Day


If you already have copy for your website, emails, or ads… but you’re sensing that a miss in your messaging is suppressing sales.

If you’d rather get out of the gate with optimized copywriting asap instead of waiting for “perfect” conversion copy months from now.

If you just want conversion copywriting, stat…

Then a VIP Day might be right for you.

A VIP Day is a dedicated session with an experienced, certified conversion copywriter. It’s the fastest way to work with us and the most affordable.

Find out if a VIP Day is right for you.



What’s Included in a VIP Day

In a single VIP Day, you can get our eyes and conversion copy expertise on one of the following…

  • A revenue-critical product page 
  • A homepage or “about” page
  • An ad campaign
  • A landing page
  • A few autoresponder emails

Your VIP Day is your day. Use it to boost the selling power of the marketing assets you already have.

Your first step is to book a free 30-minute consultation.

We’ll decide if it’s a fit and plan the VIP Day, so you get incredible value and a quick turnaround.

Congrats — you just skipped the line…



Here’s What to Expect When You Book a Fast-Track Conversion Copy VIP Day

Our accelerated process to lift conversions happens in three steps:


VIP Day Kick-Off (~1 hour)

We’ll meet at the start of your VIP Day to dive deeper into…

  • Your brand, your products, your competitors, and your customers
  • What’s converting and what’s not converting
  • The specific pages, ads, or emails you want to optimize during your VIP Day

This is your chance to prime us with insights to optimize your copy.


Copy Optimizations (~90 minutes)

Here’s where you take a break, and we optimize your copy.

We’ll focus on revenue-critical makeovers. For example…

  • Rewriting key pieces of copy, like headlines, subject lines, and CTAs
  • Restructuring your page, email, or ad (to smooth the path to conversions)
  • Making UX recommendations (to streamline the buyer’s experience)

Debrief (~30 minutes)

At the close of your VIP day, we’ll meet to debrief you on…

  • Where we optimized your most critical copy, and why 
  • Principles of persuasion you can use elsewhere 
  • Bonus recommendations you can implement right away

And, of course, you’ll get conversion copy delivered in a Google doc that’s easy for your marketing team to follow.

Let’s get your copy converting

The first step is to hop on a call to see if it’s a fit.



“We hired Anna for a day of consulting on our pitch deck to raise series A funding from top-tier investors for our AI chip. I’m happy to say her strategies and feedback were instrumental in raising a US $20M funding round. Plus, we took away conversion techniques we’ll apply to all of our sales, including how to position more competitively.”

— Darrick Wiebe, CTO, Untether AI


VIP days are designed for clients who need a quick conversion lift. We're talking in the next couple of weeks, not months. You're willing to pay for expertise, but you'd rather start with a smaller investment.

Conversion Copy Co specializes in B2C e-commerce, especially DTC brands. 

For VIP Days, however, we're flexible. Our team members have worked in SaaS, B2B, not-for-profit, government... you name it. The principles of persuasion apply across industries. Book a call to find out if we're a fit.

Your presensce is required at the start and finish of the 3-hour session.


Be prepared to share a concise briefing of your market, your customers, your brand, and your offers. We love data... but for a VIP Day, you'll need to get us up to speed fast so that we can optimize your copy stat.

You'll be working directly with a member of the Conversion Copy Co team (an experienced, certified conversion copywriter). When you book a call, we'll discuss who would be the best fit.

We'll do our best to schedule your VIP Day quickly. The best way to find a date is to book a consultation.

A VIP Day is just long enough to upgrade a critical copywriting asset, like a homepage, product page, about page, or short sequence of emails. 

Need our eyes on more of your marketing assets? Consider a copy audit. We'll discuss the options and help you decide in a free consultation. 

Complete, from-scratch brand messaging is a multi-week, multi-month endeavor...


But often we can spot right away where your message needs a boost. 


All-too-common brand message issues that we can address in a day?


- Credibility/proofs/reasons to believe

- Differentiation

- A tight link between the painful problem and your solution

- Brand story

- And more...

The point of a VIP Day is to be fast and affordable. 


For that reason, we offer revisions of up to 10% of the new copy within a week of your VIP Day.


Get a VIP Day with a Certified Conversion Copy Expert





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