Need Conversions Faster?

Upgrade your B2C e-commerce copy and brand messaging in a single VIP Day

If your e-commerce copy isn’t converting…

If it’s urgent that you generate more revenue, stat (because every day, your store is missing out on sales)…

If you just need an expert’s eyes on your pages, emails, or ads…

Now you can skip the line when you book a Fast-Track Conversion Copy VIP Day.



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A VIP Day might be right for you if…

Your copy is live, but it wasn’t written by a conversion copywriter, and you’re sensing that a mis-hit in the message is suppressing sales.

In a single VIP Day, we can often fully optimize one of the following (as examples):

  • Up to three in-depth product pages 
  • A series of emails (up to eight)
  • An ad campaign + landing page + autoresponder email

(Tip: Pick the place where the most money can be made.)

On your VIP Day, I’ll devote my undivided attention to boosting the selling power of your most important marketing assets.

Your first step is to reserve my time with payment and book a one-hour consultation via the button below.

On that consultation, we’ll prioritize, share info, and plan the VIP Day, so you get incredible value and a quick turnaround.

Congrats — you just skipped the line…



Here’s What to Expect When You Book a Fast-Track Conversion Copy VIP Day

VIP days are the fastest way to get results if you already have pages, emails, or ads, but they’re just not converting.

Our accelerated process to lift conversions happens in three steps:


Intro Consultation (~1 hour)

When you book a VIP Day, you immediately reserve a one-hour consultation, preliminary to your VIP Day. 

We’ll meet to discuss:

  • Your brand, your products, your competitors, and your customers
  • Where you’re winning sales and where you need to see a conversion lift (top revenue opportunities)
  • How you’ll share data and briefing info, so I have everything I need to optimize your e-commerce sales copy

We’ll also find a date in my calendar — often in the next week — and block it off for your VIP Day and a later debrief.


VIP Day (~6 hours)

As the VIP, you don’t need to be available on your VIP Day.

Consider me your conversion copywriter for hire, working behind the scenes to optimize assets critical to your e-commerce revenue.

Here’s what I’ll be doing:

  • Finding opportunities by analyzing your data 
  • Spotting just the right messages with conversion copy research
  • Optimizing what you’ve got (either your e-comm product sales pages, web pages, emails, or ad campaigns and landing page)
  • Documenting the ‘why’ behind the optimizations
  • Leaving guidance for design so your high-converting copy is paired with ultra-smooth UX

In short, I’ll be doing a strategic revamp based on the principles of persuasion, UX, and insight from research.


Debrief (~1 hour)

At your convenience, we meet for a debrief on the copy.

This is your chance to discover:

  • What the research revealed about your buyer’s psyche
  • How I used those insights to optimize your most critical copy
  • What this means for your designer
  • Bonus recommendations you can implement right away
  • How we can collaborate to get you even more conversions

You’ll get conversion copy delivered in a Google doc that’s easy for your marketing team to follow.

Let’s get your e-comm copy converting


I’m ready. Book my VIP Day.


As the name implies, VIP days are fast!


You can get on my calendar often within the week and get conversion-optimized copy stat. 


What could be so urgent? It could be a critical page, email sequence, or ad campaign that's just not performing. You're leaking revenue and the going rate for a VIP day pales in comparison to what you can earn if you lift conversions quickly.


Getting a full project on my calendar usually takes weeks. Fast-Track VIP Day clients get rushed to the front of the line.

You're a perfect fit if you're a B2C e-commerce brand looking for a conversion copywriter. Our best work is with companies marketing truly better products, made and sold a better way.


If you need a referral to a copywriter for another industry, drop us a line in the contact form and we'll point you in the right direction.

Your presence is required for two sessions, between which you're free:)


I'll take what you've shared, layer in my own conversion research... and get back to you with optimized copy.


Your job? To overshare, essentially. I'll be looking for your sharpest insights on the market, who your customers are, why they buy, why they don't, how you know... And more.


The more you can tell me in our briefing and via email leading up to your VIP Day, the better the results.


But during the bulk of the VIP Day, I'll be deeply immersed in the solitary task of optimizing your copy. You won't need to be available on the spot. 


To give you a sense of how our time together rolls out, here's an agenda outlining the process.

You'll be working directly with me, Anna Bolton. I run the consultations and I optimize your copy for these VIP days because getting fast results is one of my specialties.


It's the art and science of quickly understanding your brand, your audience, your competitors... and alchemizing those insights to optimize your copy, stat.

We can't make guarantees, but we'll try our best.


For example, if you pay and book your intro call on a Thursday, chances are we'll dedicate the following Monday or Tuesday to optimize your copy. Of course, vacation and holiday weeks are excepted.


If you need your copy optimized by a specific deadline, book a free call to discuss first.

It depends on what you already have in place and the quality of your briefing.


If you have a strong foundation of insight, brand messaging, and existing copy, I can typically transform one of the following:


- A long-form sales page

- A few highly-optimized product pages

- A homepage or other critical core website page, maybe more

- A paid campaign driving lead gen (e.g. ad, landing page, plus a few follow-up emails)

- A series of nurturing and sales emails (usually up to 8)


Need something else optimized? Not sure it can be done in a day? Book a free consultation and we'll discuss.

Complete, from-scratch brand messaging is a multi-week, multi-month endeavor...


But often I can spot right away where your message needs a boost. 


All-too-common brand message issues that we can address in a day?


- Credibility/proofs/reasons to believe

- Differentiation

- A tight link between the painful problem and your solution

- Brand story

- And more...


A VIP Day dedicated to brand messaging will be a blend of auditing, consulting, and optimizing your messages on the spot.


I'll get your consent and preferences in our upfront consulting call:


Want more of a critique and less of a rewrite? Done.


Rather I focus deeply on one aspect of your message? It's YOUR day.

Just click to book your VIP Day and you'll be taken to a Calendly page.


Pick a date for our first consultation, follow the prompts to provide your information, and pay securely through the Calendly app. 


You are paying for the full VIP express optimization service, but we start with a consultation. In that first call, you'll brief me, and we'll set a deadline to hand back your copy.


Contact us if you have any questions about the booking or payment system.

When you book a VIP day, I shift the long-term, big projects in my calendar and slot yours in sooner. To secure that fast-track option, we need to secure the payment as well.

VIP Days are designed to be the best value you've ever experienced in copywriting... possibly in all of your marketing experience... Choose this option only if you're convinced this is what you need now and you can make the financial commitment.


In some circumstances, we can process a refund. (No one has asked for one since I started my online business in 2013, but I'm sure it's possible.)


If we've already invested time in your VIP Day, then we can't offer a refund.


Of course, you can always book a free call first to be sure this is right for you.

I haven't hung a "One Draft Wonder" sign in my office yet...


But clients rarely ask for revisions. When they do, the tweaks are tiny because I ask incisive questions upfront. 


That said, the point of a VIP Day is to be fast and affordable. You're not hiring me for weeks to intimately know your market, your brand, your products... 


For that reason, we offer revisions up to 10% of the new copy, within a week of your VIP Day.


When you say yes to a VIP Day, the onus is on me to ask the right questions and it's on you to share expansively during our briefing. 

Get a taste of what it's like to work with Conversion Copy Co when you book me for an hour of copy advice.


This is also a paid-in-advance service.


In one hour you can get a conversion expert's advice on your most important marketing assets.


Or, use it as a strategy session: We can talk brand messaging, funnel design (aka mapping your customer's journey to the next most valuable conversion), copy planning...


You'd be amazed at what we can solve on the spot together when you book an hour.


I’m ready. Book my VIP Day.



Questions on pricing, process
& how we can work together?

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