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Hi, I'm Anna Bolton O'Byrne, a Toronto-area conversion copywriter. Which means...

I help businesses make more money by:

  • Understanding your ideal customers and what makes them tick;

  • Assessing your competition and what it will take to stand out; 

  • Creating sales funnels that attract and convert more leads to generate higher ongoing revenue.

It's not wordsmithing or editing. Conversion copywriting is marketing, and it's based on human decision-making science, amplified by a suite of digital marketing tools and a modicum of technical know-how. (Those funnels aren't made of paper, after all.)

If you are looking for sales-focused copywriting, I can help. Click the button to start the conversation.

It’s rare to find a copywriter who is both results and customer-driven. Anna is a dedicated, passionate, smart and talented writer. If you want your website to speak to your customers and convert them you should hire her yesterday.
— Talia Wolf, Uplift

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