Does Conversion Copywriting Get Results?

For the right marketers, measurable results.

“You can add the $20M we raised to the testimonial now”

It was at Ufficio in Toronto that I heard those words from my client, the CTO of an AI startup.

“It’s open news now,” he said. The pitch deck we’d worked on together was “instrumental” in raising that astonishing round of funding.

Of course, copy in a deck isn’t the single thing that persuades investors like Telus and Radical Ventures to fund a startup on that scale. Untether AI earned this.

We just used conversion copy methods to give their pitch a more competitive advantage.

Copy that converts can add 
fuel to your marketing investments

Clients of Conversion Copy Co. have enjoyed results like these

  • 189% ROI on Google PPC ads (average CPA of $0.19; average cart value of $36.00)
  • 3k new subscribers for a supplement brand in just a few weeks with one sales page; ~2k in a single day
  • ~500% spike in sales on average within 24 hours of sending an email
  • $20,215 in niche B2B online training sales from two emails   
  • $75k in fashion merchandise sales in one day from a single email.
  • ~33% increase in accounting client retainers from a short email campaign
  • ~600% increase in online sales since a website rewrite
  • 47% increase in relevant venture applications for an investment group
  • 86% reduction in the cost per lead from Facebook lead gen ads for medical/health services
  • 10x ROI on Facebook lead gen ads for
    audiology clients

And while SEO isn’t what we do, the search results can be impressive:

  • >120k visitors/month (~80% organic) after a website content rewrite, ranking on page 1 of Google for several results with no backlink campaign

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Conversion Copy
for Product Marketers 

Across industries, we’ve increased conversions using a proven process: generating customer insight + using the techniques of persuasion to write copy that gets more clicks, sign-ups, sales and repeat customers.

Today, we serve:

  • Successful DTC e-commerce brands
  • SaaS with proven product-market fit
  • Established B2B online educators 
  • Select social enterprises & NFPs 

Sales Pages, Websites, Landing Pages, Product Pages, Emails, Ads
and More

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