Get Your Brand’s “Conversion Copy DNA”

Your core set of brand messages, optimized to convert

Key question for marketers:
how persuasive is your brand messaging?

When businesses hire copywriters, they’re looking for implementation. For website content, ads, emails… assets.

What it turns out they often need are 10x more powerful brand messages.

Brand messaging that’s optimized to convert.

That’s why we develop brands’ Conversion Copy DNA: The essential pieces of copy that define why your brand is different and better for the ideal audience.

Here’s how to tell if you need conversion-optimized brand messaging

If you’re a Procter & Gamble brand manager, we’re confident: you’ve got this.

But the messaging secrets of the world’s biggest brands don’t often trickle down to the rest of us.
From startups to 8-figure brands, there are two common scenarios.

Scenario A: the start-up brand messaging dilemma

There was never time to define a brand that people can get, love and buy.

Now, you’re stepping back and wondering what it all says? And more importantly, what does your audience think your brand says?

Not having a brand messaging playbook also means too much copy rework.

If you just nailed down key pieces of brand copy once, your team wouldn’t be rewriting every. single. time.

That’s why we develop brands’ Conversion Copy DNA: The essential pieces of copy that define why your brand is different and better for the ideal audience.

Scenario B: the mature brand messaging dilemma

You have product-market fit. The right price. The right marketing tactics…

But it costs too much to get sales. And lesser brands are winning market share.

There’s something out of sync between your message and your market.

Maybe a branding agency can solve it? But you know even high-end agency creative doesn’t always convert.

So, you’re considering conversion copy. But you haven’t found a conversion copywriter who thinks strategically about brand problems. Like positioning.

Brands can — and should — be conversion-optimized, too

After years of writing copy for outstanding brands and for brands struggling to line up their message with their audience… I knew this for sure:

Brands that win hearts, minds and conversions are engineered around audience insight. It’s what’s behind the world’s most profitable brands.

Brand messaging should never just be creative (and brainstorming won’t cut it)

Creativity is the lightning that electrifies your brand.

But under that spark is deep insight. Insight that can’t be just brainstormed around a boardroom table.

That’s why I created the Conversion Copy DNA method. It’s the conversion copywriter’s approach to brand messaging.

Think of it as informed-creative brand messaging.

Here’s how we create your Conversion Copy DNA

A creative brief is just the beginning.

We first run a diagnostic (voice-of-customer + competitor research) to find out what really matters to your ideal buyers — and where your competitors are failing them.

Then, we find the “clearly different and better” sweet spot your brand can own based on a solid conversion theory.

And we build out every core message that communicates that brand advantage.

Your Conversion Copy DNA becomes your brand’s messaging blueprint. Your copywriting playbook. Your starting place for testing and optimizing.

What’s inside your brand’s Conversion Copy DNA

We call it your ‘copy DNA’ because it’s the core of who you are.

It’s the most persuasive articulation of the problems you solve; who you’re for; why you’re different and better; how you prove it, and more.

Your DNA starts with a set of customer-facing brand messages.

Messages you’ll use again and again across every single marketing asset you produce.
These include:

  • Target audience
  • Problem you solve
  • Your solution
  • Unique value proposition
  • Core offers
  • Outcomes, benefits, features
  • Promise
  • Why you (your story)
  • Proofs
  • Risk reversals and closer copy
  • Tagline
  • Elevator pitch

It also includes internal brand concepts and messaging guidelines, including:

  • Positioning
  • Big Idea
  • Tone, voice and vocabulary

Find a complete guide to the messages we create

Your Conversion Copy DNA comes as a guide to writing on-brand conversion copy every time.

And it’s pluripotent. You can use your DNA to write every single marketing asset you produce. When you have it, it’s 10x easier to plug high-converting copy into all the right places.

Ready to talk about optimizing your brand messaging to convert?

At the core of your messaging is how your brand truly is different or better.

If you don’t already know your brand’s clear point of difference, we have to discover it. That takes customer, competitor and market research, plus a forensic-level analysis of the value you offer. 

Which is to say… your Conversion Copy DNA is never just a gloss. We have a three-phase process that takes most clients ~60 days.

What’s involved and how can we start?

Here’s how it breaks down:

Phase 1 (Diagnostic & Strategy): You should never have to guess what will convert. That’s why we first audit your competition’s messaging, dig into voice-of-customer data and conversion data. Then we recommend a brand strategy.

Phase 2 (Message Creation): It’s time to create your brand messaging playbook, engineered to convert.  

Phase 3 (Validation & Testing): Every theory should be tested – including brand messaging. With the methods of conversion rate optimization, we find out what messages are driving sales and where to adjust. 

If this sounds like something you need, let’s talk about whether it’s a fit. 


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