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So, What Are Conversion Copywriting Services?

All copywriting is simply sales writing. Conversion copywriting is sales writing fueled by data. 

Because we don't have to guess at what's driving sales. We can use cold, hard numbers. As a conversion copywriter, it's not just your key messages that are my business, but your KPIs.

As a conversion copywriter, I have well-justified issues with boundaries. Instead of focusing on a single page of copy, I want to know how that copy works in the entire journey of the visitor. Conversion copywriting is about optimizing every step, so more people come into your funnel and many, many more people come out as customers.

But really, there's a simpler way of looking at it. As Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers says:

"Words are just an output. The real work I'll be doing here is squeezing more money out of your data. Because copy is your online sales person, you'll see results faster than you would with almost any optimization work."

Conversion Copywriting Services

So, what exactly can you get from a conversion copywriter? In short, any copy that's intended to sell more of your products or services.

You can hire me for:

  • Website copywriting

  • Sales page copywriting

  • Google Adwords and Facebook ad campaign copywriting

  • Email copywriting

  • Sales video scripting

How It Works

After our initial call, if we decide it's a fit, I'll send you an invoice to contract.  But what happens next?

A creative writer may wait for the muse to strike. As a conversion copywriter, I have a defined optimization process. 

  1. Kick-off:

    • We begin with a copywriting brief. You'll introduce me to your brand, get me up to speed on the project details and connect me with your team.

  2. Analysis:

    • To write high-converting copy, I dig into data. That means:

      • Interviewing your team, including sales, marketing & customer support;

      • Reviewing your existing analytics from web pages, emails and ads;

      • Interviewing and eavesdropping on your ideal customers;

      • Tearing apart your competitors' messaging, so we can find your ideal angle.

  3. Copy Development:

    • Based on the data, I develop a Big Idea (aka hypothesis) about what will trigger your leads to convert in higher numbers.

    • I flesh out that idea into high-converting copy, based on proven persuasion psychology.

  4. Go-Live & Testing:

    • When the page is live, the emails sent or the ads published, the fun begins. We look at how the new copy has actually converted and what we can improve next time.

  5. Repeat:

    • Based on Step 4, we circle back to Step 3 and work for more conversions every time.


So, how much does all of this cost? Because of the upfront work, I have a minimum fee of USD $1,000 to retain my services. That fee can be allocated to a flat rate project or used to reserve 10 hours of my time.

  • USD $100/hour - for loosely-scoped projects

  • Flat rates - for tightly-defined projects

  • Monthly retainers - for clients who need regular copywriting services

If you'd prefer to dip your toe in first, a lower-priced copy audit might be what you need.


My portfolio includes:

  • consumer brands and services in health, medicine, beauty and fashion

  • B2B manufacturing and service companies and tech startups

  • not-for-profits

I've written for:

  • premium brands on behalf of Canada's top PR firm

  • one of Canada's most prominent not-for-profits

  • the Ontario government

  • top-selling and start-up brands from across North America, Asia and the Middle East

Review recent samples of work here.

Ready? Let's Get Converting More Customers

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If it's a good fit, we'll make things official.


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