Get an Audit & Optimize
Copywriting Treatment 

Copywriting audits are the fastest way to more sign-ups and sales without a complete rewrite

Your copy is written, but is it converting?

Does it pull people in? Win their trust? Convince perfect customers you’re the obvious choice?

Whether you’re getting a 1% or a 10% conversion rate,
there’s always room to optimize. But knowing where to start?

It’s a challenge when you’re seeing your marketing from the inside-out…

And you have jobs to do other than learn how to optimize for conversions.



If you need higher  
conversion rates from your 
website, landing pages, sales pages, ads or emails… 

Then you definitely need a conversion copywriter’s eyes on your messaging. 

But you may not need all-new sales copy.

With an Audit & Optimize Copywriting Treatment, you can find quick wins that lift leads and sales, without a total rewrite.


Dial-up the selling power of your marketing, faster

Day in and out, we study one thing: what makes people say “yes” more often.

So, when we look at your sales copy, we can spot the opportunities
to reduce friction and anxiety, increase motivation
and boost the perceived value of your offer.

You choose the critical pieces of sales copy you need optimized.
We’ll come back with clear recommendations.




Here’s how we audit & optimize your copy

Step 1: Briefing

First, we hop on a call, 30 minutes to an hour. You brief us on…

  • What you need optimized (e.g. full funnel, PPC campaign, email sequences, key pages)
  • Your brand, offer, value proposition
  • Your ideal customer, competitors, alternative solutions

Step 2: Messaging & Data Audit

Next up, we audit your competitors’ messaging and look at your data, which might include…

  • Testimonials, customer interviews, surveys, chat transcripts, support emails
  • Analytics reports from ads, pages or emails
  • Heat maps, scroll maps, click tracking, user testing

Step 3: Optimizing Key Copy

Next up, rewriting key copy. Our goals:

  • Reduce friction and anxiety 
  • Increase clarity, credibility and relevance 
  • Minimize what your visitor sees as “costs”
  • Boost the perceived appeal and exclusivity around your offer

It’s not your English teacher’s edit or a total rewrite – we optimize key copy: headlines, subheadlines, subject lines, intro copy, CTAs.

What’s inside your Audit & Optimize Treatment

You get an easy-to-follow but detailed Google doc including:

  • Conversion insights 
  • What’s working
  • What needs improvement 
  • Rewrites of critical copy
  • Design and UX strategies 
  • Testing suggestions

We’ll debrief all of this in a ~1-hour call so you’re completely clear on the recommendations.


Get audited, optimized copy


Actually… tell me about your full-funnel copywriting services instead

Why trust us to audit and optimize your sales copy?

Since 2014, we’ve advised and written copy for ~100 clients across industries and around the world, including multi-national companies, industry leaders and household name brands.

We’ve studied conversion optimization with the best, been hired by Copyhackers to write 6-figure sales copy and worked intensively with Flint McGlaughlin of MECLABS on optimizing value propositions and landing pages.

And for clients, we’ve helped win huge lifts, including a $20M investment from about a single day of consulting using the exact techniques of persuasion we’ll use to audit and optimize your copy.

Signing up for an Audit and Optimize Copy Treatment is the fastest way to more persuasive copy

In about 10 days, you get plug-and-play optimized copy for pages, emails or ads… plus research insights you can use to keep optimizing.

Ready to get your sales copy audited and optimized?

Book a call to find out how we can help. 

Pricing starts at $1,000, to cover the baseline research. Ask for a custom quote for whatever copy you need optimized.

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